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ALTA 8 Specifications


Unfolded Diameter
(does not include Props)
1325 mm
Folded Diameter
(does not include Props)
660 mm
Height to base of Toad In The Hole (TITH) 263 mm


Number of Motors 8
Motor Type Direct Drive 3-Phase PMAC Outrunner
Motor Make and Model Freefly F45
Motor Max Continuous Power Output 350 W
Motor Max Instantaneous Peak Power Output 950 W
Max RPM (flat rated) 6300 RPM
Equivalent Kv 384
Electronic Speed Controller Freefly Silent-Drive Sine Wave ESC


Make and Model Freefly ALTA Propeller
Material Carbon fiber with balsa core
Propeller Orientation (4) CW and (4) CCW Props
Propeller Type 18 x 6 Folding


Nominal Battery Voltage 6S / 22.2V
Maximum Battery Size 240 x 180 x 80 mm
Maximum Battery Quantity 2 Battery Packs (Parallel)
Minimum Battery Quantity 2 Battery Packs (Parallel)
Battery Connectors 2x EC5 (Parallel)
Required Minimum Battery Discharge Rating 250A / 500A Peak


Maximum Gross for Takeoff1 18.1 kg (40.0 lbs)
Maximum Useful Load2 12.0 kg (26.4 lbs)
Maximum Payload3 9.1 kg (20.0 lbs)
Typical Standard Empty Weight 6.2 kg (13.6 lbs)


Always refer to the following aircraft limitations section for complete information on allowable maximum gross weights at different altitudes and temperatures before any flight.

Specific Loadings

Typical Specific Power4 145 W/kg
Thrust Ratio at Max Takeoff Weight (MTOW)1 1.85 : 1

Flight Controller

Model Name Freefly SYNAPSE Flight Controller
Flight Modes Manual
Height Hold Mode
Position Mode
Supported Inputs DSMX, DSM2, S.Bus, S.Bus2, PPM, FPV SD
Supported Radios Futaba S.Bus & S.Bus2
DSMX, DSM2 (Spektrum/JR)
PPM, PPM Invert, PPM Graupner
Supported Radio Controller Telemetry Systems Futaba w/ built-in voltage sense port
Minimum Radio Controller Channels Required >5
Supported GNSS GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
First-Person View System Video Formats NTSC, PAL
Supported First-Person View Transmitters
  • Skyzone
  • Immersion RC
  • Fatshark
Supported First-Person View Cameras Ready Made RC
First-Person View OSD Telemetry User Configurable
Installed Transceivers Wi-Fi
Data Logging Rate 25 Hz

Lighting and Indication

Status Light 1-Watt Red, 1-Watt White LED
Orientation Lights 3-Watt RGB LED
Orientation Light Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White

Isolation System

Vibration Isolation System Silicone O-Rings

Isolation System Options:

1. Soft/Light Payloads Red O-Rings
2. Medium/Mid Payloads Teal O-Rings
3. Stiff/Heavy Payloads Black O-Rings

Payload Mounting

Mounting Locations Bottom and Top Mount
Mounting System Freefly Toad In The Hole (TITH) Quick Release
FPV Camera Mount Between booms 8 & 1
FPV Transmitter Mount Boom 2


These limitations are advisory in nature and do not extend or restrict limitations provided by Governing Aviation Authorities.

Powerplant Limitations

Maximum RPM 6300 RPM
Maximum Battery Voltage 25.2 Volts
Minimum Average Battery Voltage 19.2 Volts

Environmental Limitations

Do not fly ALTA 8 in temperatures exceeding 45°C (113°F) or below -20°C(-4°F).5

Flight Controller Limits

Maximum Pitch/Roll Angle 45°
Maximum Yaw Rate 150° / second
  1. At sea level, standard conditions.
  2. Top and bottom mount. Includes batteries.
  3. Payload weight top or bottom mount. Battery weight not included and mounted on opposite side from payload in typical configurations.
  4. At maximum takeoff weight, sea level, standard conditions.
  5. Must additionally observe battery temperature ratings.