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Big Impact. Small Footprint.

The more places your ALTA fits, the more places you'll take it. From 1533mm to 515mm, ALTA reduces to 33% of its flying diameter and makes it the most packable drone in its class.

Introducing SkyView

Look to the Sky

ALTA is the first multi-rotor to accept a camera on the top of the airframe. Explore a completely new world of filmmaking possibilities with SkyView.

The ALTA folds to 33% of its operating size.

The most packable drone in its class.

From case to filming in minutes

Designed to make your life as an elite aerial cinematographer easier, the ALTA arrives in a custom pelican case and is ready to unfold and fly.

Ready to Fly. Ready to Film.

  1. F45
  2. Synapse
  3. TITH
  4. Silent Drive
  5. Folding Props
  6. LED
  7. FPV
  8. Distro Board
  9. Vibration Isolation
  10. Handle
  11. AERO Landing Gear