Why Freefly?

When you buy a product from Freefly, you are making an investment in innovation. At every fork in the road our team has taken the path that leads to innovation, excitement, and customer smiles. Freefly’s innovation per person is off the charts!

The First. Again and Again…

Good enough has never been good enough.

This perspective is why we continue to set a new standard with each product we release. From MōVI to Synapse, MIMIC to ALTA’s folding booms and SkyView capability. You can be sure our development team is dreaming about our next ‘first.’

Details Define Us

Yeah, we’re a little obsessed

The same part of us that notices every bump and shake in footage is dead set on delivering our best on every detail. This is a driving force behind our products, our culture and how we treat our customers.

Connected to Creativity

We are a reflection of our customers’ creativity

We started in the film industry. A strong connection to our customers fuels us with inspiration. We don’t consider a purchase to be the close of a sale, it’s the opening of a relationship where new ideas grow and we solve problems together.

Our Mission

Remove barriers to unrestricted
camera movement

Our Vision

Create products that enable what
once was impossible