Shipping your gear to Freefly

We want shipping your gear to us to go as smoothly as possible!

  • If you’re shipping your gear to us from outside of the US, you’ll need to download and print the two-page document linked below, to include with the shipment.
  • The two filled out pages should be included with the customs documents/commercial invoices on the outside of the case/box. The first page needs to be filled out by you or your team. It needs to have the document signer’s name in the first field, not a business name (see sample below). The second page can be printed as is, because it is already filled out by Freefly.
  • Not including both pages will result in a delay in Customs processing and clearing your shipment to the US.

Shipping Declaration instructions

Field Name Expected Value
Port of Seattle, WA
On or about Date of acquisition of gear (estimated is fine)
Number (SN) The serial number of your gear
Quantity 1
Description Short description of gear included, and no batteries!
Value Value in USD (customs value of shipment, not for insurance)