What shipping carrier should I use to ship my gear to Freefly?

You can ship your gear to Freefly with any shipping carrier that is convenient for you. We can’t schedule your service with a technician until it arrives at Freefly HQ. So the faster it gets to us, the faster we can get it on the repair/estimate schedule.

    • With that being said, using an expedited shipping method does not mean that your equipment will receive service before equipment already on the schedule. Shipping with expedited service is like running to get ahead of other people on their way to being in line. It does not cut you to the front of the line itself.
    • Regardless of what shipping carrier you use to ship the equipment to Freefly, we exclusively use FedEx (we don’t have accounts or collect payment for shipments with other carriers) for shipping gear back to customers. If this service is being processed through a Freefly dealer (as in shipping to and from Freefly through the dealer), we can work with the dealer to ship with alternate carriers they may have existing shipping accounts for.
      • We have a daily pickup from FedEx in the early afternoon. Use of other carriers by dealers (not including TNT, who we do not work with, at all), may result in delayed shipment as we will have to arrange a pickup with them. We’ll remind you of this at the end of the service.

Important notes:

  • If you don’t have an RA from Freefly Support, do not ship your equipment to Freefly.
    • If the shipment is lacking proper RA identification, it risks being refused or not arriving at our facility. Any delays incurred from improper shipping or labeling will result in repair/service delays. Please click the link below to request an RA from Freefly Support for your equipment.
  • Freefly does not pay for, nor arrange/schedule, shipments coming to us for evaluation, regardless of warranty status. If the service is covered under warranty, we will cover FedEx Ground/Economy shipping to get the repaired equipment back to you when the service is complete.

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