Is this service/repair covered under warranty?

If you have equipment that needs to be serviced by Freefly Systems, the costs associated with the service may be covered under the Freefly Warranty Terms & Conditions.

If following conditions are met, Freefly will cover parts, labor and shipping* (FedEx Ground/International Economy to get it back to you after service) for your repair/service:

  1. The issue at hand is a manufacturer defect or flaw (not including physical damage)**
  2. You have provided us with a dated purchase invoice, including serial numbers, that shows the product is less than one year old.
  3. The product has not been modified, altered or disassembled. Modification/alteration may include swapping out OEM components for aftermarket versions, depending on the nature of the accessory/installation.

If our technicians do not find anything wrong with your equipment or find that direct troubleshooting provided by our support staff should have discovered the issue (ie: an unplugged cable, or firmware reset):

  • We reserve the right to charge for labor and/or return shipping. Even if the equipment is under warranty.
  • This labor fee covers standard diagnostic time, testing and cleaning. More information about our standard inspection service can be found here.

* Freefly does not cover shipping costs to bring a unit in for evaluation or repair, regardless of warranty eligibility.

** In the event that the service is not covered under warranty, and you choose not to repair the equipment at your cost, there may still be a labor charge for diagnostic time. There may also be return shipping costs, if you want us to ship it back to you.

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