Do I need to remove my third party accessories or modifications before I send it in?

In general, yes.

To compare your equipment to our standards benchmarks for performance and operation, your gear must be in factory condition/configuration for us to evaluate it. If third-party accessories or modifications are installed, we cannot properly diagnose the cause, as we cannot effectively factor their effect into the equation.

  • To accomplish this without additional labor costs/complications, we ask that you strip the gear down to factory configuration. The one current exception to this is for Mōvi Pro: you can and should leave your Ignite Digi Tilt Offsets installed, so we can make sure they are properly installed.
    • As a specific example, we often receive Mōvis that have custom wiring built into the frame of the Mōvi. These custom cables will need to be removed from the Mōvi before diagnostics can be run, and it usually requires cutting wires. We’ll contact you before doing so, but the service timeline will be interrupted if this is the case.
  • While we will make every effort to return everything you shipped to us as it was received, unless we have specifically asked you to include them, Freefly will not be responsible for loss/damage of or to products unrelated to the RA or third-party products included with the RA shipment.
  • In the event that you have replaced major components with aftermarket parts (electronics, wiring, hardware) that alters the fundamental function or dynamics of the gear, we may not be able to provide you with service or repair. If you are concerned that this might be the case, ask the agent handling your case (providing photos of the modification goes a long way), before shipping your equipment to Freefly.

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