Can you store my gear while I await payment or approval from a third party?

No, we cannot store equipment while you deal with your insurance or a production company.

While we understand that waiting for payment or approval from a production or insurance company sucks, we have a finite amount of storage and need to keep products moving through. You need to arrange payment with us within two weeks of being notified of estimate/cost, and work out repayment with the production/insurance company on your own time. Failure to complete payment within two weeks may result in additional service charges being applied to your invoice.

  • If you do not have the time or resources to work with us directly to get the equipment in question serviced right now, please wait to ship it to us and contact us again when you are ready.
  • Once an estimate has been issued, we will be waiting to hear from you. We’ll follow up with in in 1-week if we haven’t heard back from you by then.
  • Any repair case that is not resolved within 60 days from billing or estimate issue date, will be considered to be abandoned. Freefly will take possession of the hardware, to recoup storage and labor costs. We don’t want this to happen. We want you to have your gear back. We will send several reminders before 60 days has elapsed, to any contact information we have on file (email, phone, etc).

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