Locke And Stache - The Big Five


THE BIG FIVE | Don't Move Play Dead

Shot By:

Chris Olson

The Challenge

One 5-hour night to shoot a diversity of footage for a fashion film while battling 90+ degrees
and humidity.

The Setup

Going into this project we had a rough shot list and lighting diagram but really didn’t get to see the space until we showed up at noon. It was 100+ degrees and humid all day during prep in the un-air conditioned warehouse (it did drop to a cool 90 degrees once the sun went down). We knew we needed to get our shots efficiently at each setup because the wardrobe was far from breathable for the talent. The Movi Pro helped us move quick and efficient shooting out each scene. We needed to go from a Jib, to handheld and dolly setups and the Freefly ecosystem really helped us pull off more cinematic shots.

The Result