Prime Time Rugby and Cricket with Mōvi Carbon


Fox League

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Level Horizons

The Challenge

What was your biggest fear about purchasing Carbon?

We had two big fears for our application. We were putting the Carbon in a live 4K multi camera sports outside broadcast. Our first fear was how the GH5s would match with the existing OB Sony cameras. Luckily with a good technical director the camera was matched nicely via a colour corrector in the truck. Our other big fear was the control link between the Carbon and the Mōvi Controller. Being in a stadium we were very nervous with the range we’d get especially on an unlicensed RF Band.

How do you feel about that fear after working with it for a while?

The GH5s amazed everyone – we were able to match the cameras really well – especially in daylight hours. Night time under lights was a little more tricky. The control link between Carbon and the controller is still a concern. The biggest issue we’ve had is that when the link is broken, the Carbon ‘wigs out’ with an uncommanded movement in the gimbal. A few of these were caught on air. We have since put a range booster in between the controller and antenna which has helped.

The Setup

Can you tell us about a time when Carbon really surprised you?

The stability of the Carbon is amazing. We’re able to get tracking shots of similar quality to a rail cam with a Cineflex without the rail or the Cineflex! Also the high frame rate tracking shots we’ve been getting have been blowing our clients away.

Are you using Carbon in a way that you did not predict prior to purchasing?

I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what Carbon is cable of. I just came back from our first creative shoot and the shots blew me away. I can’t wait to try it on different rigs from a drone to a cable cam.

The Result

Can you tell us about a shot that you couldn’t have done without Carbon?

Our entire concept of shooting tracking cricket shots from outside the boundary rope wouldn’t be possible without Carbon. The action is up to 100 meters away! To shoot at 240mm with the level of stability that Carbon gives us, has given our client shots that have never been seen before in cricket.

What’s been the most abuse you have given Carbon?

We hammered the Carbon over the Summer here in Australia. We did 38 full days of cricket over 3 months, most of which were 12 hours in plus 35 degree heat(95°F). Test cricket goes 5 days in a row (we did 6 tests) and we were covering every ball that was being delivered. We would finish one game, pack the gear, fly to another city and do it all over again. The Carbon traveled and held up really well.

What’s your favorite part about Carbon?

I love the design of it. it’s such a complex piece of kit, but it’s packaged beautifully! I also love the responsiveness of the Mōvi Controller to the Carbon. It is a dream to operate.

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