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Mōvi Blackjack

50% More Powerful 100% Smarter

50% Increased Power to Motors

New ‘Maniac’ Mode

Increases peak current to 12A with advanced power vectoring to protect for accessory power.

Mōvi Pro just turned into a 1 horsepower gimbal!

Live Boot

faster & more robust

Boot time is now even shorter/more reliable. The motion boot setting was replaced with ‘live boot’ which is always enabled. Mōvi Pro will turn on instantly if you are running, flying on an ALTA, jumping on a boat, or even wheeling on a barstool.

Majestic Methods

Instant Setup on Screen

Mōvi Pro now features new default majestic methods. Choose from slow and smooth or fast and agile with a single click. Don’t like our recipes? Make your own for your specific shooting style.

Just Keep Rolling

Roll with Snap

Gently snaps the camera to the nearest 90 degree plane so you can execute roll moves but ‘land’ on a horizontal or vertical frame.

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Roll Via Pan

The perfect method for when you need to do continuous 360 degree rolls and don’t want to have to move the ring or handles. By rotating the pan axis 90 degrees offset, it now acts as the roll axis and allows 360 degree moves.

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Portrait Shooting

Great for when a mobile, or social company is paying the bills and insists on flipping that Red Epic on its side. Quickly transition from landscape to portrait mode with no change to the camera rigging.

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Axial Roll

Allows users to set a ‘virtual’ target and command an axial roll along that line. You can use this mode to do a perfectly level and axial roll down a hallway, or use Majestic to adjust the pointing as needed.

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Barrel Roll

Perfect for the single operator that wants to execute 180 degree moves without moving the ring, or 360+ degree moves by rotating the ring to follow the camera lens axis.

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360 Degree Roll

Applies all roll controls directly to the camera lens axis (camera frame of reference) for seamless roll movement.

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Whip Pan

Whip even faster with maniac mode! This mode increase power to the motors by 65%—Mōvi Pro just turned into a 1 horsepower gimbal!

Dynamic Fixed Mount

Drift? Who dat?

Drift is annoying. Mōvi now features a dynamic fixed mount mode where the Mōvi detects when it is stable and mitigates drift, using its high resolution encoders.

Auto tune v3.0

Rumble in the Jungle

New autotune algorithm derives both optimal gain settings as well as camera inertia and acceleration limits in about 10 seconds. This allows Mōvi to pan / tilt the camera as fast as possible but never overshoot.

Hold Strength

New auto acceleration limits allow users to run very high hold strengths without any downsides. Mōvi Pro can now determine the inertia of the camera package and intelligently define an acceleration limit that utilizes every last bit of torque available.

Dynamic acceleration

Mōvi now uses a dynamic acceleration algorithm that discards bad information from the accelerometer to keep the shot level.

Auto FIZ Calibration

An optional auto FIZ calibration is now available so that each time you turn on Mōvi it automatically calibrates focus, iris, and zoom motors.

Zoom Rate Scaling

Zoom rate scaling helps keep the frame when shooting with a zoom lens. When enabled, Mōvi automatically reduces pan/tilt speeds as you zoom in and allows you to command a constant pixel-per-joystick rate.

All the added strength is done by smart software engineering.

50% more powerful 100% Smarter

all without adding a single gram to Mōvi

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