Cinestar CineStar 8

With the CineStar 8, Freefly has created an aerial platform that allows for large payloads and long flight times while delivering incredibly smooth footage. Simply put, CineStar 8 is a robust aerial platform that performs to the level professionals expect.


Optimized for MōVI Integration

Freefly designed the MōVI line of camera stabilizers with the CineStar platform in mind, with the ability to go from filming handheld to capturing aerials in just a few minutes.

Open Architecture Design

The ability to fly a variety of cameras and lenses is critical to professional users. The “open architecture” of the CineStar allows for cameras such as the Canon C500 and RED Epic to be flown on the same frame that carries a Canon 5D. Select your booms, propellers and batteries for the project at hand with a system that scales to your needs.

Top Mounted Battery Cage

In addition to providing ease of access to the battery and optimal CG (center of gravity) for best flight performance, the top mounted battery creates a structural cage around the sensitive flight control electronics.

Ultra Lightweight Frame

In an industry where every gram counts, Freefly designed the CineStar to be as sturdy and light as possible, utilizing carbon fiber and other lightweight materials to increase flight times and provide a system with unmatched rigidity allowing for even smoother footage.

From the Sky to the Road

The Cinestar line is not only designed to deliver the best aerial footage, but to travel easily. With the camera gimbal mounting plate, quick release booms and threaded nuts and inserts that only require one tool, Cinestar assembles and disassembles efficiently for simpler packing.

Advanced Vibration Isolation System

Fully adjustable vibration isolation system ensures smooth and stable footage in even the most demanding filming conditions.

High Current Distribution Board

A quick and robust connection from Freefly motors to the Freefly flight packs is possible with the solder-less distribution board that features four 12v power leads for driving LEDs or any other 12v accessory. Dual 10 AWG EC5 power input leads allow for high current draw and dual flight batteries.