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13 Dec

Jeff Street

Happy Holidays 2021

Happy Holidays from the Astro team and everybody here at Freefly.

It’s been a big year!

In the new year, the Astro ecosystem will gain lots of new capabilities.

  • High-Res Mapping Kit is coming in early 2022. Make a reservation at no cost to save your place on the waiting list.
  • There will be a zoo of 3rd party Astro payloads:
    • Rock Robotic R2A Lidar Astro Kit is on sale now.
    • There are a couple of agriculture multispectral sensors coming from Sentera and MicaSense.

All of these partners are using Astro’s payload quick release, the Smart Dovetail. It’s an open standard and the best way to get your payload in the air. We’re offering a Dev Kit to get you started.