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Camera Controls

Pilot is built to integrate tightly with RED, ARRI, Sony, Phantom, and LANC cameras. With RED RCP support, you can have complete control of your RED camera from 600+ feet away.

Camera Controls
RED Full camera control via RCP
ARRI Start/Stop
Sony Start/Stop (via LANC)
Canon Start/Stop (via LANC)
Black Magic Start/Stop (via LANC)
Phantom Start/Stop


MōVI Controls

Pilot was designed to integrate seamlessly with the MōVI Pro ecosystem. It gives users the ability to adjust key MōVI parameters and get real time feedback from the MōVI from 600+ feet away. Pilot is built on the same core frequency hopping spread spectrum 2.4Ghz link that is found in the MōVI Pro.



Pilot is able to control both the MōVI and F/I/Z outputs using Freefly’s patented MIMIC technology. Users are able to move the Pilot controller to control camera pointing, as well as Focus, Iris, or Zoom.

Axis Primary Control Secondary Control Aux Control Gestural Control
Pan MIMIC Joystick Focus Knob Yes
Tilt MIMIC Joystick Focus Knob Yes
Roll MIMIC Joystick Focus Knob Yes
Focus Focus Knob Joystick Slider Yes
Iris Slider Joystick Focus Knob Yes
Zoom Joystick Slider Focus Knob Yes


16bit 75mm Focus Knob

Pilot features a 75mm soft touch focus knob with adjustable damping and a high resolution 16bit encoder to give users precise real time control of Focus / Iris / Zoom or any axes of MōVI Control.


Modular Exoskeleton

Pilot can quickly mount to just about
anything including

  • Tripod
  • MōVI Handles
  • ¼ 20 Mount
  • 25mm tube