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Rosette Mounts

20mm Rosettes allow the Pilot Focus and Iris blocks to mount to just about anything. We’ve developed a variety of Rosette mounts that allow you to mount these blocks to the entire Freefly Ecosystem.

  • 25mm Tube to Rosette Adapter
  • 30mm Tube to Rosette Adapter
  • ¼ 20 to Rosette Mount


Customizable Iris / Joystick Grip

Pilot offers distinct grip options for users as well as the info to build your own…

  • Walnut wood grip
  • 3D print your own - Freefly has published a sample grip to GrabCAD and published the mounting geometry here.


Multi Controller

Pilot gives the ability to define and assign specific controls to separate and independent units. You can give Iris control to one person, while retaining focus and zoom on a separate unit. Each unit has its own internal battery and communicates wirelessly to the MōVI from 600+ feet.