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What motors work with the MōVI Pro/MōVI XL integrated FIZ?

The Mōvi Pro and Mōvi XL have an integrated lens motor controller under the camera cage (in the tilt stage unit, or TSU) with a 7-pin LEMO interface for digital motors.

Connecting compatible motors to the TSU (with motor cables available for the MōVI Pro or MōVI XL or from our dealers) allows  control from the MōVI Controller, MIMIC, MIMIC + Bush Pilot, Pilot or 3rd party controllers utilizing our API. Connecting Lens control.

What motors work?

Freefly has confirmed the following focus motors function as expected with appropriate motor profile selected in app/controller.

    • Models: M21VE-L/M26VE with 256 encoder, 3.3k id-resistor
    • Requires Mōvi firmware v1.1 or later
  • Hocus
    • Model: Reflex
    • Requires Mōvi firmware v1.3 or later
  • Chrosziel
    • Model: CDM-100M,
    • Requires Mōvi firmware v1.4 or later*
  • Redrock
    • Torque Motors
    • Requires Mōvi firmware v1.3.2 or later

What motors definitely don’t work?

These popular motors manufacturers have motors that do not interface directly with the Mōvi ecosystem:

  • RT Motion
  • ARRI
  • Bartech
  • Ikan/PDMOVIE
  • Tilta

* The Chrosziel CDM-100M motors do not require a Freefly Lens Motor Cable, as they come with an integrated cable.

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