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What accessories are available for the MōVI Pro?

We are launching a new line of accessories designed specifically for MōVI Pro! You will find all of these accessories, as well as any previous accessories that work with MōVI Pro in the MōVI Pro section of our online store or from our dealers.


MōVI Ring Pro – This next-generation MōVI ring has a built in stand, 13mm quick release monitor mount built into the top handle. The top handle is removable and can be mounted directly to the top of the Pan motor for a low profile, low angle setup.

MōVI Classic Handle – Everything you love about the M15 handle with a shorter top tube (450mm vs 550mm). It has a built in Toad and 13mm quick release monitor mount.

MōVI Low Profile Handle – Dubbed “Skate Handle.” For low angle shots. Ships with a male Toad installed, for quick install on any Toad in the Hole equipped MōVI, including the MōVI Pro. Can also be attached directly to the pan motor of any MōVI or the original MōVI Ring. Comes with an integrated 13mm quick-release monitor mount. *Same handle that comes with MōVI Ring Pro.

MōVI Pro Battery – Every MōVI Pro ships with a pair of batteries. MōVI Pro batteries are the core of the new MōVI Pro ecosystem. They enable users to have unlimited shooting up-time by allowing users to hot swap batteries as needed. The batteries power the MōVI Pro, FIZ, Camera, and ALL accessories. With MōVI Pro users will no longer need to manage a multitude of batteries.

MōVI Pro Charger – Every MōVI Pro includes a pair of single-battery chargers for MōVI Pro battery. Each battery will charge in about an hour, and is dual voltage for international use (with proper plug adapter).

MIMIC – The MIMIC has evolved! The MIMIC features an integrated LCD, internal battery (6 hour run-time), 13mm quick release monitor mount, USB-C connectivity, remote gimbal control and camera control with appropriate cabling.

MōVI Pro Case (Ground & Aerial) – Guard against hazards on and off set with the custom-cut foam insert purpose-built to store your MōVI Pro, Ring Pro, MIMIC, batteries, accessories & more. All of this is enclosed in a hard case. (coming soon!)

MōVI Pro Quick-Release Landing Gear – New landing gear for MōVI Pro when flying in Ground View on the ALTA. The landing gear attaches in under 5 minutes and features a robust, but lightweight carbon and aluminum design. Once installed, the 15mm legs quick release to allow for ultra fast switches from GroundView to SkyView.


MōVI Pro COM to MōVI Controller Receiver Cable – This cable allows users to connect their MōVI Controller Receiver to the MōVI Pro. This allows users full control of MōVI Pro pointing, FIZ, and RED RCP (Camera Controls) from up to 1000 ft away. This Cable is included with the MōVI Pro.

MōVI Pro COM to Spektrum Cable– Cable for connecting Spektrum Satellite receiver to MōVI Pro com port.

MōVI Pro COM to Futaba Cable – Cable for connecting Futaba Sbus receiver to MōVI Pro com port.

D-tap to CONNEX – Cable for powering a CONNEX transmitter from the MōVI Pro D-tap port.

MōVI Pro Lens Motor Cable – This lens cable features custom cable which is ultra thin and flexible for the most difficult camera installations where wire routing is challenging. It features a Molex Microfit connector on one end, and a LEMO 1B 7 Pin on the other end. With 3 of these cables users will be able to control 3 motors, one for Focus, Iris, and Zoom from the MōVI Controller.

MōVI Pro RED RCP Serial Cable – This cable allows users to gain access to RED’s Redlink Command Protocol via the ‘CTRL’ port on RED cameras. This allows users to control functions like Start/Stop, ISO, Frame Rate, Color temp, and Focus and aperture on EF lenses all from up to 1000ft away using the MōVI Controller and MIMIC controller. From the MōVI Controller, you can also control playback and setup functions of the camera. The cable features custom ultra thin and flexible cable.

MōVI Pro LANC Serial Cable – This cable allows users to access their camera’s LANC commands. This allows users to start and stop camera recording as well as other LANC commands from up to 1000ft away using the MōVI Controller. The cable features custom ultra thin and flexible cable.

MōVI Pro ARRI Start/Stop Cable – This cable allows users to access ARRI’S Start / Stop command. This allows users to start and stop camera recording from up to 1000ft away using the MōVI Controller. The cable features custom ultra thin and flexible cable.

MōVI Pro RED EPIC D-Tap Power Cable – This cable allows users to power their RED Epic/Weapon/Scarlet from the MōVI Pro’s camera power port. The cable features a custom thin and flexible cable with high quality connectors. Users will enjoy the convenience of unlimited up-time with this setup by utilizing the battery hot-swap capabilities of the MōVI Pro. The MōVI Pro will power a fully rigged RED setup for ~1 hour.

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