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How do reservations work?

The demand for Astro is much higher than the speed we can build kits. To manage that flow, we’re collecting reservations and will reach out to people in the order those reservations are received to finalize orders and collect payment.

Key points: 

  1. If you want to purchase an Astro in the future, you need a reservation (even dealers).
  2. Reservations are free. You’re putting your name on a list for an option to buy in the future and we’re not collecting any money upfront.
  3. There is zero obligation to purchase when we get to you on the list. Feel free to respond to us, or not.
  4. When we get close to your name on the list (about two weeks out from having an Astro for you), we’ll email you with a link to confirm your shipping information and pay for the order. Until we reach out to you, we are not able to collect money for your reservation.
  5. We started collecting reservations last year. There are a lot of people on that list (including our dealers and maybe you) waiting for a chance to purchase. It might take us a while to get to you, and we do appreciate your patience! Please don’t plan any jobs around Astro until you have one in your hands!

Once we have a steady cadence of building and shipping Astro, we’ll publish a chart on our site (probably on the Updates Page) that will indicate when you should expect to hear from us, based on when you placed your reservation.

Check out Astro on our online store and click the “Reserve Now” button to reserve your chance to purchase an Astro in the future!

Still need help? Get in touch with our support team.

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