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With custom integrations, on-site piloting, testing help, or custom software development, our team is ready to help on your next big project.


Alta X was designed to be the F150 of the drone industry with quick release payload systems on the top and bottom of the aircraft.

Our team has integrated dozens of unique payloads to enable customers to inspect and sense just about anything!


If you need to go a bit further than a simple integration, the Freefly team can customize Atla X and your payload for your application.

Custom Drone Payload: Airdrop
Custom Drone Payload: Audio Speaker
Custom Drone Payload: LiDar
Custom Drone Payload: Transport Basket
Custom Drone Payload: Top Mounted Delivery Container
Custom Drone Payload: Lighting


We take pride in building the worlds best flying drones, and we also love flying them! If you need an experienced pilot in command for a project we are happy to support your team remotely or on-site.


Sometimes knowing the right question to ask can save you months off your schedule. Freefly has been developing full stack drone systems for over a decade and we have had our fair share of failures, explosions, crashes, and lessons learned. Leverage our internal team and testing protocol to ensure the drones you ship are reliable!

Custom Development

If you need to go even further and have the team at Freefly develop a vehicle from the ground up, we are here to help.

Freefly has built up an incredible collection of drone development blocks (we call them devblocks) and can leverage these modular components to help realize your product vision twice as fast as anyone in the market.