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MōVI Akira Firmware (v5.0)

MōVI Firmware Product Line

(MōVI M5/M10/M15, MōVI App, MōVI Controller, MIMIC)

Software Versions & Compatibilities

Hardward Compatibility Old Stable Versions Akira Beta Versions Akira Stable Versions
MōVI M5, M10, M15 4.2 5.0 5.0.1
MōVI Controller (all units) 2.0.5 2.2.2
MōVI App Android: 4.0 or later 1.640 2.0.2 and 1.810 (legacy to support MIMIC) 2.1
iOS: iOS 8.0 or later 1.630 2.0 2.1
PC: Windows XP or later 3.10 3.30
Mac: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit CPU 1.630 1.800
MIMIC (all units) 1.3 1.4
Wedge (all units) 1.0.1


  • Version: v5.0.1
  • New Feature: HiPer (High-Performance) Stabilization. Includes improved software performance such as 2x higher control loop rate and advanced tuning configurations such independent output filters.
  • New Feature: Timelapse Mode. MōVI can now be setup via iOS, Android, Mac and PC apps, or via MōVI Controller to perform Timelapse sequences.
  • New Feature: Target Mode. MōVI can be set to keep pointing at a GPS position or dynamically follow a MIMIC as its target. Requires strong GPS signal.
  • Bugfix: Yaw drift at boot.
  • Support MIMIC for double tap to kill MōVI.
  • Updated communications protocol to support compatibility with other MōVI line products.

MōVI Apps

  • Renewed mobile apps: iOS and Android apps have a brand new user interface with enhanced usability features such automatic saving of configurations.
  • New: Timelapse Setup with keyframes, preview and custom duration. iOS and Android versions also include an advanced graphical user interface.
  • New: Target Mode configurations, charting and status indicators. Mac and PC apps can also be used to repurpose MIMIC into an active Target.
  • New configurations for advanced tuning such as independent output filters.
  • Support for new MōVI firmware and iOS 9.
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements across all platforms.

MōVI Controller

  • Version: v2.2.2
  • New Feature: A new top-level menu has been added to support the Timelapse features of the MōVI.
  • Usability Improvement: The Majestic (M) and Kill (K) positions on the MōVI Controller Mode Switch now work the same way in both Normal and MIMIC Mode.
  • More MōVI Configuration options are available. The MōVI Config menu has been split into two: MōVI Basic and MōVI Expert.
  • New Feature: RF Tools help monitor and improve RF performance in noisy RF environments.
  • The top-level menus have been reorganized and grouped by device for easier navigation.
  • Support for Redrock microRemote firmware (v3.0) through the Aux Port and Follow Focus Kit.
  • Support compatibility with new MōVI firmware version.


  • Version: v1.4
  • New Feature: Target Mode. MIMIC can now be configured as an active target for MōVI for automatic framing.
  • New Feature: Double tap handle button to kill MōVI. Double tap again to reactivate.