MAcklemore white Walls Movi
Macklemore: White Walls

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis take us behind the scenes for the White Walls video. See how MōVI and CineStar helped bring their vision to life.

Red bull slopestyle Movi
Red Bull: Slopestyle

Freefly and cinematographer Corey Koniniec help break down Nick Goepper’s incredible slopestyle tricks.

Movi and BBC in Australia
BBC Monsoon: Australia

Freefly joined the BBC in Australia to capture some stunning shots of storms and landscapes in Australia’s Outback.

on the run with Movi
On the Run

On location in South Africa, MōVI M10 was with Velocity Films shooting an Allan Gray TV commercial.

DirecTV Movi
The DirecTV Session

Director Oliver Stone and cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto use the MōVI M10 in their DirecTV World Cup 2014 spot for unique camera placements and action shots.

BBC Monsoon Movi
BBC Monsoon: Cambodia

Freefly joined the BBC Natural History Unit in Cambodia for their film, Monsoon. The versatility of the MōVI M10 helped capture stunning sequences of this unique location.

Red Bull Dreamline Movi
Red Bull Dreamline

Director Nick Schrunk uses the MōVI M10 to help capture the Red Bull Signature Series event, Dreamline.

The Arborlight Movi
The Arborlight

Seattle filmmakers Phillip and Kevin Harvey, along with DP Domenic Barbero, use the MōVI M10 to get unique shots on their short film, The Arborlight.

On Set Brilliant Movi

Seattle filmmaker Keith Rivers and Los Angeles DP Eric Koretz and their amazing team shoot the sci-fi short film Brilliant. The film was almost exclusively shot on the MōVI.

Surfer Cover Image

Morning Rituals—part one in a series of portraits from Sydney, Australia. Captured using the MŌVI M10 and the Canon 1DC HDDSLR.

The Burton Session cover
The Burton Session

Filmmaker Corey Koniniec creates the intro to the Burton Snowboarding video series. Filmed on the RED Epic using the MōVI M10, this film gives you insight into how the MōVI is changing the way people are making films.

Zach Braff with Movi
Wish I Was Here

Writer, actor, and director Zach Braff got in touch with the team at Freefly to use the MōVI M10 for some special sequences in his film Wish I Was Here.

Snow Dragon Cover
Snow Dragon

Taking the 6K RED Epic Dragon airborne with the Cinestar 8 and MōVI MR.

From 1994 - Cover Full Film
From 1994

Talented team Danielle Krieger and Casey Warren’s short film ‘From 1994,’ the first film shot using the MōVI M10 and the Arri Alexa M.