Freefly is focused on the future.

Our team consists of industry leading specialists all focused on one task – inventing solutions to allow unrestricted camera movement.

We are art.
We are technology.

In 2011, in a garage just outside of Seattle, a small, dedicated team of filmmakers released an aerial platform called the CineStar, which became the system of choice for aerial cinematographers. In 2013, we introduced the MōVI to the world; it expanded the abilities of the CineStar and redefined the world of handheld cinematography.

The First. Again and again.

Good enough has never been good enough. Freefly innovations are used by the most respected players in the cinema world. We’re committed to making the best possible gear so you get the best possible shot.

Details define us

Yeah, we’re a little obsessed. The same part of us that notices every bump and shake in footage is dead-set on delivering our best on every detail. This is a driving force behind our products, our culture and how we treat our customers.

Connected to creativity

We are a reflection of our customers’ creativity. That strong customer connection fuels our desire to innovate and disrupt.

Our Mission

Remove barriers to unrestricted camera movement

Our Vision

Create products that enable what was once impossible

Media Resources

Get everything you need to feel like you’re part of the Freefly team. Colors, type, images, icons, campaigns, banner ads…we got it all for ya. Be sure to check in on this often; we’re always adding new resources.